A shared email address (ex: department@wustl.edu) is handy for official communications, promotional materials, sharing office-wide accounts and more.

An important note:

Do not use email for patient communications. All communications with patients must take place via MyChart, the patient portal. MyChart is the only secure messaging that is compliant with HIPAA regulations

If this email will be used to communicate with current or prospective trial participants or to transmit PHI for any other reason, please check with Christine Schorb about how to remain HIPAA compliant.

The approval and creation process for new email addresses can take up to three weeks.

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Shared email address request [NEW 2/8/21]

Remember to avoid acronyms that are unfamiliar to your audience. Real words may be easier to process and remember than acronyms, so shorter isn’t necessarily better.

On the other hand, more widely known acronyms, such as HR for Human Resources, can make effective email addresses.

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Please avoid hyphens, underscores or other characters, with the exception of a period to add .med (if you are mirroring your web address). Most requests that include punctuation must be revised.

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Ex: pediatrics@wustl.edu, MDadmissions@wustl.edu, diversity.med@wustl.edu
What office, department or service will your shared email address be used for?
Were you planning to use this email to communicate with current patients?
Does your department have a marketing/communications coordinator (or equivalent), and if so, are they aware of this request?
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Please provide their name:
If there are any constraints on your timeline, please explain.

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