We tell the story of Washington University School of Medicine. And we’d like to help you tell your part of the story.

Our team provides communications and marketing expertise for the medical school community. Through collaboration, consultation, referral and self-service tools, we help departments, centers, offices and programs across the school meet their communications goals.

Strategic communications

We pursue goal-oriented solutions.

Strategic marketing planning: We help you assess your goals and determine how to meet them.

Websites: Our free WordPress theme and self-service tools support you in building your own website.

Print communications: Our experienced team offers professional writing, editing, graphic design and photography services and referrals.

Social media: We maintain the official schoolwide social media accounts and offer consultation services to help you use social media to meet your needs.

News and media relations

We bring stories from the School of Medicine to the world.

News releases and other stories: We cover major research discoveries, medical innovations and stories about our experts that resonate with the media and the public.

Media relations: We share high-impact stories with local, national and international media outlets to reach audiences far and wide.

Branding and identity

We facilitate branding that is cohesive and compelling.

Brand definition: We help share and shape the story of the School of Medicine and provide tools to communicate our brand in a unified voice.

Visual identity: We define and protect the school’s graphic identity, including logos and graphic marks. 

Consultations: We consult on branding and graphic identity questions to help you achieve your goals.

Visual storytelling: We provide fee-based photography and video services, as well as photography guides to help you tell a compelling visual story.

Something for everyone

We provide a variety of service levels to assist you.

  • Self-service: We provide guides and tools to help you plan and execute your own communications effectively and efficiently.
  • Referral: We connect you with vetted professional vendors to meet your needs.
  • Consultation: We provide trusted counsel to help you meet your communications goals.
  • Collaboration: We partner with you to plan and execute your communications needs.

We like big ideas.

We begin projects by assessing overall goals before deciding how to meet them.

Looking for assets or advice?

Search our downloads, guides, policies and self-help tools.