Acronym Guide

Decode the many, many lettered abbreviations for the centers, offices, degrees and buildings of WashU Med.

Note: Generally, it is preferable to avoid acronyms. The following list is for reference purposes and is not all inclusive.

AAC: Academic Affairs Committee

ADR: Associate Dean for Research

ADRC: Knight Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center

AuD: Doctor of PAC

BJC: BJC HealthCare

BJCIH: BJC Institute of Health at Washington University School of Medicine

BJH: Barnes-Jewish Hospital

BJSPH: Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital

BJWCH: Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital

CAM: Center for Advanced Medicine

CARS: Center for Applied Research Sciences

CDI: Children’s Discovery Institute

CCIR: Center for Clinical Imaging Research

CCS: Center for Clinical Studies

CFU: Central Fiscal Unit

CGS-SB: Center for Genome Sciences & Systems Biology (an IRC)

ChiiPs: Center for Human Immunology & Immunotherapy Programs, The Andrew M. and Jane M. Bursky (an IRC)

CIMED: Center for the Investigation of Membrane Excitability Diseases (an IRC)

COH: Center for Outpatient Health

CPD: Clinical Practice Development fund

CRepHS: Center for Reproductive Health Sciences (formerly Center for Women’s Reproductive Sciences Research, WRSR)

CSCC: Children’s Specialty Care Center

CSI: Center for the Study of Itch (an IRC)

CSRB: Clinical Sciences Research Building

cWIDR: Center for Women’s Infectious Disease Research (an IRC)

DBBS: Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences

DCDC: Diabetic Cardiovascular Disease Center (an IRC)

DCM: Division of Comparative Medicine

DE&I: Diversity, equity and inclusion

DPT: Doctor of Physical Therapy

ECFC: Executive Committee of the Faculty Council

ECPR: Executive Capital Planning Review

ECRC: Emergency Care Research Core

EF: Executive Faculty

EVC: Executive vice chancellor

FLTC: Farrell Learning and Teaching Center

FMD: Facilities Management Department

FPP: Faculty Practice Plan

GCRC: General Clinical Research Center

GEC: Gender Equity Committee

GEMS: Genetic Epidemiology Masters of Science

GMEC: Graduate Medical Education Consortium

GPS: Washington University Genomics and Pathology Services

GTAC: Genome Technology Access Center

HPAN: Hope Center Program on Protein Aggregation and Neurodegeneration (an IRC)

HR QA: Human Research Quality Assurance Program

HRMS: Human Resources Management System

ICCE: Integrating Communication within the Cancer Environment (formerly BRIGHT Institute — Bridging Research with Imaging, Genomics, and High-Throughput)

ICTS: Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences

IDDRC: Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center

ICCE: Integrating & Communicating the Cancer Environment (an IRC)

IRC: Interdisciplinary Research Center

JOSP: Joint Office of Strategic Planning

JROC: Joint Research Offices for Contracts

MBMC: Missouri Baptist Medical Center

MIR: Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology

MPA: Medical Public Affairs; now WashU Medicine Marketing & Communications

MPH: Master of Public Health

MPHS: Master of Population Health Sciences

MPLIC: Medical Professional Liability Insurance Committee

MRB: 4515 McKinley Research Building

MSCI: Master of Science in Clinical Investigation

MSDE: Master of Science in Deaf Education

MSOT: Master of Science in Occupational Therapy

MSTP: Medical Scientist Training Program

OCIO: Office of the Chief Information Officer

OGCR: Office of Government and Community Relations

OSRS: Office of Sponsored Research Services

OTD: Clinical Doctorate in Occupational Therapy

PACS: Program in Audiology and Communication Sciences

RAC: Research Affairs Committee

RAPS: PhD in Rehabilitation and Participation Science (Physical Therapy)

RECO: Research Ethics and Compliance Office

REI: Research Education and Information Office

RPR: Research Participant Registry

SACIC: Student Advisory Council for an Inclusive Community

SIF: Dean’s Strategic Investment Fund

SLCH: St. Louis Children’s Hospital

SLU: Saint Louis University

TGI: The Elizabeth H. and James S. McDonnell III Genome Institute

TRISL: The Rehabilitation Institute of St. Louis

UMSL: University of Missouri St. Louis

URM: Underrepresented in medicine

WUCA: Washington University Clinical Associates

WUCRM: Washington University Center of Regenerative Medicine

WUMC: Washington University Medical Campus

WUMS: Washington University medical student

WUPN: Washington University Physicians Network

WUSM: Washington University School of Medicine

YSP: Young Scientist Program