Logo Creation

Individual logos dilute our brand, yet differentiation is important. What to do? We've got your back.

Logos don’t create brand recognition. They earn it. And the strongest, most recognized brand identity that any WashU unit can project is that of the university itself. Every university program, center, service and activity benefits from the positive impressions that other groups at the university create. Reinforcing a single vision from each of these sources allows us all to tap into an established brand – the university’s – instead of forging a unique identity that must compete for recognition.

For these reasons, WashU units are asked not to develop a separate logo or brand mark for their department, center, program, lab or other group.

Read Dean Perlmutter’s statement on logo creation (pdf) »

Instead of developing a separate logo, we can create a graphic that represents your group while also leveraging the university brand. Called a “lockup,” this graphic pairs your business unit’s name with the School of Medicine or Washington University Physicians logo. 

See logo lockup examples »

How to get a logo lockup

Our office will create a lockup for you. (Please do not attempt this at home.)

A brand is also so much more than graphics and logos. You differentiate your group through all of your interactions with people, and all of the content and communications you produce. Select stories, choose images and develop materials that show your group’s unique offerings, achievements and advantages. We can help you with this, too. Please contact us if you’d like a marketing consultation.