Social Media Account Names

Give your social media account a proper name following these guidelines.

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XXX at Washington University (not WashU)

Can use of instead of at depending on your group’s physical location.

Although Facebook does not state what the maximum length of a page name can be, unofficial accounts found it to be 50 characters. However, your name will be cut off after approximately 28 characters on mobile devices.

The above naming convention is approved for Facebook only so the keywords in your group’s title do not get cut off on mobile devices.


Creating a username or user ID allows you to create a unique link for your page.

For example:

Try to keep it short. If your location in St. Louis matters, consider adding STL to your username. If you want to include your affiliation to Washington University, use WashU, not WUSTL.

About section

In the first sentence of your page’s About section, self-identify as being part of Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, or Washington University Physicians.


Your “real name” can be up to 20 characters long.
Example: St. Louis Cardinals

Your @username can be up to 15 characters.
Example: @Cardinals

You can change your “real name” as much as you like with no real consequences; however, changing your @username will change your URL, thus breaking any existing links, including those from your website.

“WashU” is approved for Twitter.

“Real” name

XXX at WashU  or  WashU xxx

Acronyms and nicknames for your own program name are acceptable.
Examples: OT, PT, DBBS



In general, shorter is better; however, you want your username to be recognizable too.


Your @username can contain up to 30 characters. Your full name is unlimited in length and only shows up on your profile but does not accompany individual posts.

“WashU” is approved for Instagram.



Full/real name

XXX at Washington University

YouTube and Vimeo

See video guidelines »

Other accounts

Please consult with WashU Medicine Marketing & Communications or the Faculty Practice Plan (FPP) for any social media accounts that use the school or clinical practice’s name or represent it in any way. For school-related accounts, email, and for clinical accounts, contact your FPP representative.


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