Social Media Graphics

Use these profile and banner templates to give your social accounts a professional edge.

Please consult the social media guide before creating an account.

You can easily create avatars and cover images for your group’s Facebook and Twitter accounts with these adaptable templates. Available as both Photoshop and Powerpoint files, the templates include several color and layout options.

Screenshot showing avatar and banner image on PACS Facebook page.

Profile image

1. Choose from five brand colors: red, gray, blue, teal and white. 

2. Use your group’s name with these modifications: 

  • Do not include Department of, Division of, Office of, Program in, Center, Project, proper names, etc.
  • Do not include Washington University or Washington University School of Medicine.
  • If your group’s name is long, consider a truncated name or acronym, if recognizable to your target audience. Avoid acronyms that are not widely known.
Sample profile images showing five color options

Download templates from WUSTL Box:

Cover photo / banner image

1. Choose from five brand colors: red, gray, blue, teal and white. 

2. Choose from four banner layouts.
Two layout options allow you to include a photo of your choice. The other two give you options without a photo.

Two cover layouts you can customize with a photo:

Cover photo with a photo and vertical banner with logo
Cover photo with photo and horizontal banner with logo

Download templates from WUSTL Box:

Two cover layouts with no photo:

Cover image with large shield and smaller logo
Cover image with large logo

Download files from WUSTL Box: