Vendor Guide: Photos

Use this guide to share important info with freelance photographers.

If you’d like to use a freelance photographer, we make it easy.

We’ll send you recommendations and help you contract vendor services that grant the university all necessary rights to the photography produced.

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Important policies

Freelancers must sign:
Business Associate Agreement (BAA)
This one-time procedure is required for HIPAA compliance.

People in your photos must sign:
Media Authorization consent form
WashU students, trainees and employees do not need to sign a consent form.

Lab environments shown in photos must comply with:
PPE policy for photos and videos
This policy is requested and enforced by the Office of the Provost and Environmental Health and Safety.

Find the big picture.

Whether you’re hiring a pro or using your phone, our photo guide will help you plan engaging photos that represent and connect.


Consent Forms: Photos, Video, Audio & Testimonials

Consent Forms: Photos, Video, Audio & Testimonials

Showing or quoting non-WashU people gives your message perspective. Here’s how to get permission.

HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA)

HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA)

To protect our patients, vendors with access to PHI must sign and comply with the BAA.