We’re looking for compelling stories that define and differentiate the School of Medicine community.

As a large institution composed of many people, programs and projects, the School of Medicine has more stories than our office can share.

Fortunately, we also have many ways to communicate, including the School of Medicine website, Outlook magazine, the Record and social media. So when people from our community do amazing things, we hope you’ll send us a note.

We can’t promise we’ll share the news immediately or write a story at all, but we can promise that every idea helps. We consider every suggestion carefully, and each one helps us synthesize and speak about our school more fully and authentically.

What we’re looking for

News releases and Record stories adhere to these guidelines. Please use the form below to suggest a news story. 

Beyond news articles, we have a variety of channels to share additional stories that demonstrate, differentiate and define the School of Medicine community.


A story’s power hangs on its ability to show, rather than tell or explain, who we are. We’re looking for tangible stories that may inspire a connection or capture interest or emotion.


What sets us apart? What new perspectives do we contribute? We’re looking for stories that show our community’s unique strengths, qualities and accomplishments. 


Your stories can help us show the school’s character – our supportive community and drive for excellence, and examples of our leadership, innovation, inclusiveness, community engagement and more.

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