Ready to get started on a project or looking for help?

From marketing strategy to media relations, you have our experts on your side. Our team can help with strategic planning, print and digital projects, and other branding and communications requests related to the School of Medicine.

What would you like help with?

Consultations or advice

Communications strategy, marketing plan, brand definition, etc.

Business cards and letterhead

Official stationery with logo (School of Medicine or Washington University Physicians)

Digital communications

Website, social media, Google AdWords campaign, newsletter, etc.

Logos and lockups

Logo usage, hospital co-brands, new logo lockups, etc.

Media relations

Interviews, studio services, press releases, etc.

Photography and video

New photos, new video, vendor consultation, etc. 

Print communications

Brochure, annual report, booklet, mailer, etc.

Story ideas

Ideas for news releases, Record articles, Outlook stories, social media posts, etc.

Vendor and freelancer assistance

Vendor, freelancer or contractor relations, referrals, agreements and other assistance

Assistance provided by other teams

Other questions and requests

Questions, comments or requests about services not listed above? Send us a note!