If you are creating a new website, changing the name of your department or division, or otherwise rebranding your group’s online presence, you may wish to request a new wustl.edu subdomain (ex: yoursite.wustl.edu). This subdomain may be where your website will “live,” or it may be used as a vanity URL to redirect traffic to your actual web address.

Subdomains can be created for select websites related to Washington University. Whether or not a site is permitted to have its own subdomain is subject to the discretion of University Marketing & Communications and Medical Marketing & Communications and cannot be guaranteed.

The approval and creation process for subdomains can take up to three weeks.

Selecting a new subdomain

A web address should be short, recognizable and keyword rich. Use abbreviations or acronyms only if they are recognizable for your target audience. Take care to differentiate your URL from similar WashU groups.

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New subdomain request

Whether or not a site is permitted to have its own subdomain is subject to the discretion of WashU Medicine Marketing & Communications and cannot be guaranteed. The subdomain approval process can take up to three weeks.

Note on acronyms

Remember to avoid acronyms that are unfamiliar to your audience. Real words are typically easier to process and remember than acronyms, so shorter isn’t necessarily better.

On the other hand, more widely known acronyms, such as HR for Human Resources, can make effective subdomains.

See the guide to selecting a subdomain »

Keep and redirect an existing subdomain

Status of website

Sites using a wustl.edu subdomain must meet the following minimum standards for WashU branding and compliance:

Does your site meet the criteria listed above?
Do you have ownership of all images and graphics that are displayed on your site?

Please submit your request when the website meets all branding and compliance standards.

Contact sites@wustl.edu if you have any questions about your subdomain request or meeting any of the requirements described above.

Archiving or forwarding a subdomain

Submit this request as early in the decommission process as you can.

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