Video can engage your audiences in stories ranging from scientific processes and medical procedures to patient experiences and community impact.

Depending on your project, we can assist with shooting new video or refer you to a freelancer.

Working with WashU Medicine Marketing & Communications

Our team shoots and produces a limited number of videos for School of Medicine groups and departments. The videos we produce target a large audience beyond the university and are intended to make a significant, measurable impact, especially toward enhancing the national reputation of the medical school.

Our team is not available to produce videos intended for internal audiences, promotion of a commercial product or service, or grant or paper submissions.

Pricing for WashU Medicine Marketing & Communications video production is determined by the project’s scope. The minimum charge for a one-camera video of 60 seconds or less is $1,000. Please allow at least one month for video planning and production.

Working with a vendor

If we don’t have the capacity to produce your video in-house, we can help you find a vendor with the skills and strengths to meet your needs.

If you work with an outside vendor or self-produce a video, use the video production guidelines to walk through the process, with crossed-T’s, dotted I’s and lower thirds all in the right place.