Our brand is much more than logos and colors. It is a story, a collection of experiences, impressions and perceptions. Our brand is what we stand for, and how we distinguish ourselves.

Our brand is, in short, both a promise and an expectation:

We are a supportive community that works together to achieve excellence.

This expectation of excellence sets the bar high. We are a place of many stories, many groups, and many missions. We strive to uphold the promise that is our brand in every story we tell and in all of the ways that we tell it.

With a great brand comes great responsibility.

WashU Marketing & Communications is responsible for guiding and strengthening our brand; however, no single group defines it. Every member of our community – faculty, staff, students, trainees and alumni – contributes to shaping and upholding our collective story.

We reiterate and refine our brand every time we identify ourselves as WashU – from the services we provide and the tweets we post, to the signs we erect and the websites we launch.

The resources below will help you communicate our brand in a unified voice to build a cohesive, memorable identity for Washington University School of Medicine.

Gabriel Mbalaviele, PhD, works with members of his lab in the Institute of Health building.

Key brand attributes

Every communication reinforces our brand’s key attributes, from the stories we tell to the look, feel and tone we use to tell them.

  • Leaders: We are national leaders backed by a tradition of innovation in research, education and patient care.
  • Driven: We are driven by our passion for improving lives and advancing human health.
  • Innovative: We work collaboratively and creatively to push the leading edge of health and medicine forward.
  • Personal: We are a supportive community that values our individuals and the great work we accomplish together.
  • Inclusive: We are committed to building a diverse and equitable community where all are welcome.

We’re here to help.

Contact us if you have any questions about branding, including logos, graphics, story selection, messaging and voice.