Shared / Office-wide Email Address

Need an email address? Learn why and how to use a shared email address for your group or service.

A shared email address represents an entire department, office or service, rather than an individual person.

What does a shared email address look like?,,

Benefits of a shared email address

A shared email address is recommended for communications and marketing materials, both digital and print, for a variety reasons:

  • If the email address is consistent with your website address, your group’s digital identity is more cohesive and memorable
    (Ex. website: || Ex. email:
  • A general email address is more professional and recognizable (for general inquiries) than an individual’s email address
  • When staffing changes, materials won’t need to be updated with a new email address
  • Mail sent to a shared email address can automatically forward to one or more recipients, and anyone with the username and password can access the account as-needed

Note for clinical practices

Please remember that email should not be used for patient communications. All communications with patients must take place via MyChart, the patient portal. MyChart is the only secure messaging that is compliant with HIPAA regulations.

Tips for a memorable email address

  • Mirror your website address (see our guide to selecting a web address)
    (Ex. website: || Ex. email:
  • Use real words, which people can more easily comprehend and remember; avoid acronyms
  • Avoid hyphens, underscores or other characters, with the exception of a period to add .med (if needed to mirror your web address)

How to request a shared email address

You can submit a request for a shared email address using this form. Your request will go to Washington University Marketing & Communications, which must approve all shared email accounts.

Once approved, you will receive an email with further instructions from WashU IT to help you establish the new account.